Inspirit Charger – New Generation Heat and Power Boiler for an Energy Efficient Future

The Inspirit Charger micro combined heat and power boiler (microCHP) empowers building owners with on-site heat and power generation for their building’s needs from a compact, easy to install, gas-fired appliance featuring Inspirit Energy’s patented “sealed for life” power generation technology.

Benefits of micro combined heat & power

The Inspirit Charger microCHP (micro combined heat and power) unit empowers building owners to harvest electricity as a by-product when also generating heat for their building’s needs. Electricity is provided from low cost and low carbon natural gas, on-site, at efficiencies far higher than those provided by the national grid. Building owners gain control of their own power generation, independent of the grid and enjoy lower energy costs year on year, whilst dramatically reducing the building’s carbon footprint.
Generate Heat & Electricity All Year

The Inspirit Charger 3.0 will provide a peak electrical power output of 3kW and heat output of 15kW. The Inspirit Charger 2.0 will provide a peak electrical power output of 2kW and heat output of 10kW. Both can be boosted with the additional of a thermal store.

Offset Your Electricity Bill

Produces electricity at a fraction of the cost the grid supply with the ability to export electricity back to the utility grid and reduce electricity costs year on year. A short payback period from a low carbon cost saver

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The Inspirit Charger reduces dependence on grid supply through on-site local generation. A single Inspirit Charger saves up to 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. With the added potential in the UK to benefit from either Feed-in Tariffs or Renewable Obligation Certificates, the Inspirit Charger makes perfect economic and environmental sense.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

No structural or specific planning permission is required. With low maintenance and quiet operation, the Inspirit Charger is suitable for installation in a plant room, garage or utility room. Further, the "sealed for life" design of the Stirling Engine power module provides total peace of mind to the owner.

*The Inspirit Charger next generation heat and power boiler is specifically designed to meet the challenge of reduced carbon energy supply and is capable of running on natural gas, LPG and Bio Fuels.

Dramatically improve your low carbon credentials with microCHP, or complement your existing solar installations

The Inspirit Charger offers a simple and highly effective low carbon solution to all buildings with gas fuel for heating. This includes the older and generally “hard to heat” type properties with limited scope for other low carbon technologies. However, the Inspirit Charger can also work as a highly effective partner to other low carbon solutions, such as electricity generating Solar PV. The Inspirit Charger does not rely on the sun shining or the wind blowing to be able to generate electricity. The Inspirit Charger will generate electricity whenever there is a need for heat, which coincides very well with the natural peak demand times for electricity on the UK national grid. In contrast, Solar PV provides peak electrical output during the middle of the day, when the sunlight is strongest and demand is lowest. The Inspirit Charger makes an ideal addition to a building with Solar PV to provide near constant electrical generation throughout the yearly cycle.

Typical Profile of Residential Use Building
  • 4kW PV electricity generation (kWh)
  • Building electrical power consumption (kWh)
  • 2kW heat led Inspirit Charger 2.0 electricity generation (kWh)

Graph is an illustrative comparison of generation and consumption only. Actual figures may vary according to building size and use

The Inspirit Charger is designed to operate as a single, standalone appliance for a building's energy needs or as an add-on appliance to supplement existing or replacement heating equipment. However, the Inspirit Charger can also be configured for multiple units installed in a "cascade" type configuration to closely match a building's total heat demand by firing only as many units as needed at any one time. In this cascade approach the building owner can enjoy a maximised level of electrical power generation at all times as illustrated in the graph below.

  • Demand
  • Inspirit 3
  • Inspirit 2
  • Inspirit 1

Graph is an illustrative comparison of generation and consumption only. Actual figures may vary according to building size and use

Compatible with all existing installations

Complement your localised electricity generation

Renewables can be too intermittent and too unpredictable in their delivery to provide the complete power solution. Introducing an Inspirit Charger, a reliable and controllable technology, can solve this issue.

Enhance Your Financial Return

Substituting grid electricity usage with electricity from an Inspirit Charger halves related carbon emissions. Just like with solar power or other localised electricity generation methods, there is potential to even further increase via incentive schemes such as the UK Feed In Tariff, in addition to similar incomes offered for technologies such as solar PV

Feed In Tariffs

Register your interest

Inspirit Energy are commercialising the Inspirit Charger for production launch in 2020. We are seeking field trial partners and taking expressions of interest for prospective customers interested in our pre-production field trials. Register your interest below.

Estimated Delivery Begins: 2020