Corporate Governance

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE REPORT – AIM RULE 26 (AIM Rules for Companies September 2018) Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC- updated 04/01/23

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is currently chaired by Anthony Samaha and its other member is Nilesh Jagatia . The Committee provides a forum for reporting by the Group’s external auditors. The committee is also responsible for reviewing a wider range of matters, including half-year and annual results before their submission to the board, as well as monitoring the controls that are in force to ensure the integrity of information reported to shareholders. The Audit Committee will advise the Board on the appointment of external auditors and on their remuneration for both audit and non-audit work, and it will also discuss the nature, scope and results of the audit with the external auditors. The committee will keep under review the cost effectiveness, the independence and objectivity of the external auditors.

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the “right tone at the top” and that the ethical and compliance commitments of management and employees are understood throughout the Group.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is currently chaired by Anthony Samaha and its other member is John Gunn. The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board, within agreed terms of reference, on the Company’s framework of executive remuneration and costs. The Remuneration Committee determines the contract terms, remuneration and other benefits for the Executive Directors, including performance related bonus schemes and compensation payments. The Board itself determines the remuneration of the non-executive directors.

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