We’ve applied our visionary engineering to design a solution that’s suitable for any industry.

Our waste heat recovery (WHR) solution is suitable for any industry; it’s open and scalable and only needs a retrievable waste heat source to start generating electricity and start saving money. Our technology is adaptable and flexible and can be retrofitted into any system. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities, here are just a few of them…

As well as fuel and cost savings, Volvo collaborating with us for its marine engines thanks to scalability. The unit can be modified based on the heat source or the environment to produce a higher rate of power. They’re currently working on mid-range yachts but our solution can be modified to fit any size vessel and specification. The D13 engine we are working on is similar to the engines used by trucks in Volvo’s automotive division. Therefore there is a strong possibility we will apply this technology to the truck division after success in the marine sector.

In a commercial refrigeration unit, up to 28% of fuel is used to generate the electricity required to keep it operating, so the potential to cut the cost of fuel is significant with WHR technology. The engine doesn’t work any harder because the heat it emits is turned into the electrical power source that can then power the electrical generators to cool the products in the refrigeration unit.

A Spanish waste plant currently has a system to collect waste heat from its three engines but it is only around 28% efficient and therefore not cost-effective enough to generate extra electricity. Our technology is 92% efficient, allowing the company to maximise effectiveness of the whole system and start regaining costs.

The hotel industry is a key culprit when it comes to wasted heat. In large kitchens, appliances such as cookers and fryers emit a phenomenal amount of heat which is commonly vented into the atmosphere. In this situation, the installation of our sustainable technology has the dual purpose of financial saving from electricity generation and improves the hotel’s green credentials.

The possibilities really are limitless.


Scalability creates the opportunity to install sustainable technology on any vessel.

Commercial refrigeration

Lifespan of a refrigeration unit is increased as our solution does the hard work.

Waste management

Increased efficiency optimises the effectiveness of an entire system.


Smart technology delivers cost savings and demonstrates commitment to the environment.

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