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Inspirit Energy Holdings Plc

Inspirit Energy Holdings plc is the parent company of Inspirit Energy Ltd and is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM).
Its objective is to generate returns to shareholders via investment in renewable energy through development of environmental or renewable energy products and services.
Inspirit Energy Ltd is currently pursuing the development and commercialisation of a world-leading micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) appliance for use in commercial and residential markets. The mCHP product is powered by natural gas and designed to produce hot water (for Domestic Hot Water or Central Heating) and a simultaneous electrical output that can be used locally or fed back into the National Grid.
Inspirit intends to explore opportunities to market or licence out the underlying technology.
The Company believes that its area of specialisation is in developing disruptive products or technologies that are either proven or at the latter stages of development. The Company either owns or has exclusive license to the relevant intellectual property (IP).
Inspirit's operational focus is on the UK and Europe, with potential for markets
further afield.
Further information about Inspirit and its pioneering technology can be found in the appropriate section on this website.
Inspirit Energy Holdings plc is managed collectively by a team of Directors with substantial experience in the fields of renewable energy, environment, accounting, management, corporate finance and venture capital.