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A Carbon Saving Solution That Pays For Itself – and more

The Inspirit Charger, generating electricity and power from a single gas fired appliance as a replacement or addition to the traditional gas condensing boiler, provides controllable, on demand energy at the point that it is needed – in the building. It can operate at over 90% overall efficiency, many times higher than the national grid, and delivers low carbon heat and power from a unit comparable to a traditional gas boiler.

The team at Inspirit Energy recognise the potential of this revolutionary product to both transform the existing market and make real difference to the climate change targets now set by most developed countries.

The management team brings a wealth of expertise from the world of engineering, gas boiler development, production and marketing, corporate finance and investment.

Inspirit Energy recognises the need for a low carbon solution that customers actually want and need, providing not only carbon savings but financial savings too.

Inspirit Energy also recognises the essential the essential requirement for technology to be reliable, easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use. The “sealed for life” generation module within the Inspirit Charger removes the need for expensive and frequent specialist maintenance, as is the case with many comparable generation technologies. With the “sealed for life” generator the Inspirit Charger is a unit which can be installed and maintained by any registered gas heating engineer and electrician.

Pure peace of mind.

The energy generation business had changed little since the 1950’s until recently. The old established model of generating power from large, remote power stations using technology and fuels with low efficiencies and high levels of pollution are no longer acceptable.

Climate change, global warming, security of energy supply and the drive towards ever higher energy efficiency have pushed this traditional power generation method towards rapid and fundamental change.

Renewable power generation technologies such as Solar PV and Wind Power have been promoted to increase the “renewable energy” proportion of the national grid. However, it has also become clear that these renewable technologies are not the complete solution. Renewable energy generation is wholly dependent on the weather and, as a result, intermittent and unpredictable.

Further, the existing buildings in the UK are built to last. Over 80% of the buildings that will be around in 2050 have already been built. Renewable energy rarely fits well with traditional UK building design.

The Inspirit Charger microCHP is compatible with any building heated by a gas boiler – ie >90% of the buildings present today – and is predictable, controllable and matched to the user’s needs.

Inspirit Energy provides the means to address these urgent issues with a revolutionary yet simple, reliable, accessible product suited for mass market distribution – the Inspirit Charger.

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