Energy Efficient On-Site Generation for a More Sustainable and Secure Future

The Inspirit Charger empowers building owners to meet both their heat and power needs on-site from a discrete compact unit, providing low carbon energy under their own direct control when the power is needed, regardless of prevailing weather conditions.

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Estimated Delivery Begins:2019

Overview Features/Benefits

  • Reduced electricity bills through on-site generation from low cost natural gas
  • Reduced carbon footprint through low carbon natural gas power generation
  • Reduced carbon footprint by removing losses in transmission of power through the national grid
  • Reduced dependence on grid supply
  • Generates heat and power when wanted, regardless of wind and/or sun conditions at the time
  • No structural or planning permission required
  • No more maintenance than a standard gas fired boiler
  • Inspirit’s unique ‘Sealed for life’ peace of mind guarantee
  • Quiet operation
  • Ability to automatically regulate heat output to meet building needs
  • Potential to benefit from UK Government low carbon support (Feed In Tariff or similar)

How it works

The Inspirit Charger has been developed over a number of years and is based on the combination of traditional gas boiler technology and a “kinematic Stirling engine”, a concept invented by Robert Stirling in 1816. As with a standard gas boiler, a gas burner heats central heating water for the building’s heating and hot water needs. However, the gas burner is also used to drive a Stirling engine, which in turn generates electrical power for the building's electrical needs. As a result the Inspirit Charger provides two forms of energy from the process of burning gas – heat and electrical power.
The whole process ensures approximately 90% of the energy provided by the gas supply is converted into useful heat and power. Compare this to the national grid’s average performance where approximately only 35% of the energy consumed by the power stations arrives as useful energy at your building.

Our history developing our micro combined heat and power solution

2011 - Inspirit Energy plc is formed
Inspirit Energy plc is formed to complete product commercialisation and certification to GAD and other EU product standards.
2006 - Trial Stage Successfully Completed
The product is successfully trialled over a 15 month period in association with The Carbon Trust.
2003 - First Trial Stage
Technology acquired by Disenco UK for development for the UK market for domestic and commercial building applications. Through collaboration with leading UK engineering partners, including Prodrive, Enertek and Sentec, the product reaches the first trial stage.
1985 - Sigma Adopt the Stirling Engine Project
Sigma, a major Norwegian engineering company adopt the project to develop towards a commercialised offering on a range of fuels.

Inspirit Charger installation and maintenance

The Inspirit Charger has been specifically designed to allow installation almost identically to a standard gas condensing boiler. As a result the appliance installation is within the skillset of any registered gas boiler installer.

Apart from the electrical output, the unit presents the same gas, water, condensate and flue connections as most gas boilers plus flue flexibility to allow multiple installation options.

Further, the “sealed for life” design of the Stirling engine power module means that maintenance of the unit is also within the same gas boiler service engineer’s skillset. Subsequent cost and service intervals are also similar to most gas boilers. This is a major advantage of the Inspirit Charger over other generating technologies which need specialist and expensive skills and, often, much more frequent service checks.

The appliance can be installed as a stand alone unit or as an “add-on” to existing heating plant room systems. Multiple Inspirit Chargers can also be installed, in “cascade” style, to provide a wide range of flexible heating outputs.

Easy Installation

A highly efficient micro combined heat and power (microCHP) boiler for the commercial and residential markets

Compact Size

The appliance produces hot water (for domestic water or central heating) and electrical output simultaneously.

Very Low Maintenance

None of the standard maintenance issues of a combustion engine - just a gas safe compliance check once a year.

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Inspirit Energy are commercialising the Inspirit Charger for production launch in 2019. We are seeking field trial partners and taking expressions of interest for prospective customers interested in our pre-production field trials. Register your interest below.

Estimated Delivery Begins: 2019