Regulatory News

In accordance with AIM Rule 26 and Market Abuse Regulation, the Company’s announcements will be available for a period of at least 5 years.
DateTime RNS- Market News
8-Jun-207.00 amOperations Update
30-Mar-202.33pmHalf- Year Report
30- Jan 203.12 pmResult of the AGM -30.1.20
24-Dec-197:00 AMLoan Note conversion and Total Voting Rights
23-Dec-192:35 PMAnnual Financial Report and Notice of AGM
05-Dec-1912:02 PMLoan Note conversion
02-Dec-191:20 PMTotal Voting Rights
25-Nov-197:00 AMLoan Note conversion
18-Nov-197:00 AMPlacing
13-Nov-197:00 AMUpdate on product application and the mCHP Boiler
11-Nov-1911:56 AMResult of Meeting
24-Oct-193:06 PMLoan Note conversion request & Notice of GM
09-Aug-191:29 PMAppointment of Broker
05-Aug-194:47 PMChange of Adviser (Broker)
26-Apr-197:00 AMProduct Update
29-Mar-197:00 AMHalf-year Report
28-Dec-183:28 PMFinal Results
04-Dec-182:05 PMSecond Price Monitoring Extn
 2:00 PMPrice Monitoring Extension
10-Aug-182:09 PMChange of Broker
06-Jun-1811:44 AMResult of General Meeting
18-May-187:00 AMPosting of Circular and Notice of GM
04-May-182:54 PMIssue of Convertible Loan Notes
24-Apr-187:00 AMBoard Appointment
29-Mar-1812:09 PMHalf-year Report
15-Feb-182:22 PMResult of AGM
28-Dec-171:56 PMAnnual Financial Report
02-Oct-177:00 AMTotal Voting Rights
06-Sep-1712:23 PMResults of GM, Placing and Director’s Subscription
16-Aug-178:37 AMDirector’s Dealing
15-Aug-177:45 AMConditional Placing and Notice of GM
18-Jul-177:00 AMProduct Update: Development Target exceeded
26-Jun-177:00 AMChange of Adviser
02-Jun-177:00 AMDirectorate Change
08-May-1712:20 PMFurther update on placing and director deal
03-May-172:10 PMPlacing, director deals and change of advisor
 2:10 PMStmnt re Share Price Movement
31-Mar-179:49 AMHalf-year Report
27-Jan-171:09 PMResult of AGM
30-Dec-167:00 AMFinal Results
16-Sep-1612:00 PMDirector Shareholding
16-Aug-168:17 AMCollaboration Agreement with the CIBSE
03-Jun-1610:54 AMShareholder Evening – Replacement
 8:49 AMShareholder Evening
31-May-168:13 AMUK Government consultation re Feed in Tariff
17-May-167:00 AMPlacing and director deals
21-Mar-167:00 AMCogen Europe 2016 Snapshot Survey
15-Mar-167:00 AMHalf Yearly Report
01-Mar-162:15 PMEcoBuild Conference
29-Jan-163:16 PMResult of AGM
07-Jan-163:54 PMDirector Dealings and Adviser Name Change
31-Dec-157:00 AMAudited Results to 30 June 2015
21-Dec-158:11 AMDirectorate Change
18-Dec-157:00 AMUK Government decision re Feed in Tariff scheme
17-Dec-157:00 AMSuccessful completion of internal testing
20-Aug-157:00 AMAppointment of joint broker
17-Jul-154:08 PMPlacing and director deals
09-Jul-1510:18 AMProduct name and trademark application
08-Jul-157:00 AMDirector/PDMR Shareholding
07-Jul-1512:23 PMDirector/PDMR Shareholding
15-Jun-157:00 AMConstruction of Inspirit’s verification boiler
21-May-157:00 AMSenior Management Appointment
11-May-157:00 AMAppointment of Marketing Director