Our strategy

A Product That Truly Meets the Market Needs.

The global drive to reduce carbon emissions needs a practical, reliable and effective technology that fits with our current lifestyles and generates financial savings greater than its cost. Inspirit Energy have developed such a product…

The Inspirit Charger.

Our goal

Our goal is to allow our customers to reduce their energy expenditure and carbon footprint by providing potentially millions of users around the world with the opportunity to become less reliant on major energy utilities. by enabling customers to generate heat and power through the installation of our state of the art micro combined heat and power system – the Inspirit Charger. We do this by applying first class engineering know how to real market needs to ensure the product is perfectly matched for each application.

Ease of use

We recognise that reliability is essential for any technology, and critical for technologies used to provide fundamental services such as heat and power. As a result our focus on a “sealed for life” generator provides peace of mind to the owner, negates the need for specialist installation and maintenance contractors and avoids the cost implications that arise when specialist and frequent service visits are required – as is the case with other technologies. Our product approach is to provide as near to “fit and forget” as possible for a gas appliance. Simplicity for the user is always key.

The conclusion

The class leading electrical output of, the low noise operation, the ability to automatically adjust to the required output and the ability to provide heat at temperatures compatible with existing heating and hot water systems ensure the applicable market for the Inspirit Charger is vast.

The product development and testing has been extensive and conducted over many years. As a result the key objectives of Inspirit Energy, such as reliability, performance and value have been met. The in-house expertise and experience from the gas heating industry assure the real needs of the market and consumer are met and will continue to be met as development continues.

The “sealed for life” generator module has a wide range of potential applications and market on a wide range of possible fuels. New markets and new applications present challenges we, at Inspirit Energy, relish and look forward to meeting.

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