Our History

The story behind how we developed our micro combined heat and power solution

The Stirling Engine is not a new technology. It was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816 as an alternative to steam power. It has since been applied to a number of applications, including submarine power and considered by NASA for extended space missions.

The Inspirit Charger development began in the 1980’s at Lund University, in collaboration with Kockums, a Swedish ship and submarine builder. Lund commenced a project to develop a revolutionary heat and power generating appliance for domestic and commercial buildings.

In 1985 the project was then taken over by Sigma, a major Norwegian engineering company, and over 15 years developed and optimised to deliver the leading Stirling engine performance levels in today’s Inspirit Charger unit.

In 2003 the technology was moved to the UK and further refined to a production ready design in collaboration with leading UK engineering partners over the ensuing 12 years.

The result is a robust and fundamentally simple design providing leading performance and a “sealed for life” maintenance free power generation module coupled with traditional high efficiency gas condensing boiler technology.


The history of microCHP

1980 – Beta Kinematic Stirling Engine Designed

Lund University Sweden collaborate with Kockums, a Swedish shipbuilder, to design a beta type Kinematic Stirling Engine for stationary power generation from natural gas and other fuels.
1816 – The Invention of the Stirling Engine

Robert Stirling invents the first “Stirling Engine” as an alternative to steam power.
1985 – Sigma Adopt the Stirling Engine Project

Sigma, a major Norwegian engineering company adopt the project to develop towards a commercialised offering on a range of fuels.
2003 – First Trial Stage

Technology acquired by Disenco UK for development for the UK market for domestic and commercial building applications. Through collaboration with leading UK engineering partners, including Prodrive, Enertek and Sentec, the product reaches the first trial stage.
2006 – Trial Stage Successfully Completed

The product is successfully trialled over a 15 month period in association with The Carbon Trust.
2011 – Inspirit Energy plc is formed

Inspirit Energy plc is formed to complete product commercialisation and certification to GAD and other EU product standards.

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