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Why invest in Inspirit Energy

At Inspirit Energy we value our investors highly and we invite them to walk with us on our journey of technology, product, commercial and financial development. Inspirit Energy is strongly supported through investment in its shares by its directors, demonstrating the deep commitment to its long-term success which exists within the management team. We believe that there is a bright future for Inspirit Energy, the technology it has developed and the products which it will bring to market.

An investment in Inspirit Energy gives exposure to the new microgeneration energy sector set to capitalise on the shift towards low carbon distributed energy.

  • invest in the growth of microCHP

    microCHP is positioned to become a key product in the transition from centralised power generation to low carbon distributed energy.

  • select a developing asset with great potential

    The Inspirit Charger is the result of extensive development and testing over many years. The already announced field trial will lead on to commercial launch and ultimately volume deployment.

  • focus on an achievable low carbon future

    Unlike existing renewable technologies which are weather dependent and/or poorly matched to current UK building design, the Inspirit Charger provides low carbon heat and power suited to all building types, independent of prevailing weather.

  • leverage the skill and knowledge

    The Inspirit Charger is the result of decades of development and investment. The technology has now matured for market deployment putting the accumulated IP and know-how to work to realise the technology’s potential.

  • use capital to add value

    As Inspirit Energy commences this final stage of its development journey, opportunities will arise for investors to support Inspirit Energy to maximise its market potential in both the UK and abroad.

  • monitor the progress

    Follow Inspirit Energy’s progress with field trial, launch and deployment of its first and subsequent products, based on its Stirling engine platform and unique intellectual property.

Advances in the Electricity Industry

The electricity industry has changed fundamentally over the last 10 years. The advent of both solar power and wind power has changed irreversibly the economics of power generation, supply and consumption, to the detriment of the incumbent utility companies. The rollout of smart meters, localised electricity storage and micro combined heat and power appliances will lead to further market changes. The use of much greater amounts of data, processing power and the internet enables smart grid technologies which can make a real difference to the energy costs of both businesses and consumers. Inspirit Energy is well placed to take a valuable share of the European boiler market as micro combined heat and power units become the next generation product of choice to replace condensing boilers.

The UK market for boilers is the largest in Europe, estimated atmore than 1.7 million every year. The next largest market is Germany at around half this size. In addition to these 1.7 million boilers, approximately 300,000 are commercial boilers where replacements are made on a planned and rational basis, unlike the domestic market where replacements are often distress purchases and where immediate product availability is the overriding concern. Inspirit Energy’s products are applicable to both the commercial and domestic markets, both on and off the mains gas grid.

In 2005 the UK boiler market underwent major change as Building Regulations stipulated that any new or replacement gas boiler must be a high efficiency, condensing type. The Inspirit Charger represents a new generation in boiler technology combining high efficiency, condensing, operation with electrical power generation in tandem.

The company’s development curve is closely linked to the development and commercialisation of its first product. Technical testing, laboratory confirmation of safety, confirmation of performance, field trials and early customers are all key milestones which will be announced to investors as achieved. Volume sales are dependent on early customers’ experience of the technology and its on site performance, so attention to detail and quality in everything we do is paramount.

We believe that the Inspirit Charger is perfectly suited to the UK market in its heat to power ratio, its wide range of installation options and its suitability to the existing UK building stock and will provide a robust platform for future product development.